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5 building ideas with magnetic tiles, Lego & Duplo

There's so much learning potential with building & construction play. As children engage in building activities they are developing and using a variety of skills;

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Basic maths and geometry concept like symmetry, shape attributes, sorting, etc.

  • Fine and gross motor skills

  • Problem solving

and so much more...

When it comes to magnetic tiles and building blocks, we like to use MAGBRIX magnetic tiles to enhance play experience . It is compatible with other magnetic tile brands and building blocks like Duplo and Lego.

Below are some ideas to extend play & learning potential with magnetic tiles and building blocks.

5 building ideas with magnetic tiles, Lego & Duplo

1. Colour Matching

Great activity for kids of all ages. Colour-match pieces of Lego, Duplo and Magnetic tiles.

If they are very young they can sort out colours in a pile or stack, it's a sensory experience as well as they use the different blocks.

If they are a bit older ask them to build a tall building or a 3D creations with the blocks and tiles of the same colour e.g. build a house with red tiles & blocks only, build a giraffe with yellow , etc.

Instagram creator: @steamandplay

2. 3D robot or animal

Customise and add character to your 3D creations. Large or small, it's a great opportunity for children to focus on their fine motor skills. Play ideas: Ask them to build certain parts of their creation with magnetic tiles and other parts with building blocks.

Magnetic tile & Duplo Giraffe
Magnetic tile & Duplo Giraffe

3. Play vehicles

Whether it's a ship, a spaceship , a plane, or a futuristic car; play is more fun when you combine magnetic tiles and building blocks.

Encourage their imagination by getting them to build the vehicle of the future!

4. Ferris Wheel

Teach them about symmetry while building a ferris wheel. Use you isosceles triangles to build a perfect circle/dodecagon. They can also build a dodecagon/circle with squares and equilateral triangles. They can personalise their build with Duplo and Lego figurines.

5. Bridges

Use some real life bridges as inspiration. By combining play with magnetic tiles, Magbrix and building blocks like Lego children can customise the builds. TIP: your magnetic tiles should be able to fit vertically between Duplo gaps, that way they have more angles to build things

Creativity without limits & Learning through play.

Get your own set of Magblox and Magbrix magnetic tiles through the JC Ingenium or Magblox store


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