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In our STEAM Workshops, we use unique learning resources which are part of an educational program that helps children uncover the dynamic power and potential of STEAM subjects, making it a true and unique learning through play experience. 

Our educational programs cover various topics from Engineering, Mathematics, Coding and Science and provide children with an opportunity to learn and explore their creativity, participate in teamwork and increase their self-confidence.

Through teamwork, we aim to enhance personal development, cooperation, mutual learning among participants and values ​​such as tolerance, responsibility and collaboration along with effort, patience and perseverance.

We also work on the integration of the differences between participants and attitudes that provoke respect, generosity and solidarity among them.

Our workshops are suitable for all ages in the area of team building, making our program a perfect fit for corporate events or a unique birthday party experience.

Call us or send us a booking inquiry to find out how we can model a tailored experience to suit your purposes.


"The STEM program has enabled the children to experience a formulated learning style that both teaches them about construct-ability and teamwork. Team work-wise, splitting the children into different sectors allows for progressive collaboration, with each child's respective opinions and actions being accounted for.  The STEM team professionally engages the children in the activity by using fun and creative tactics that create a fun and safe learning environment. The children learnt multiple architectural base knowledge and the integrity of basic construction. Furthermore, stemming into more complicated scenarios where each child's input is respected, for example, the children created a communal-based train station, each child creating a fundamental part of the train station together. Conclusively, STEM has been vastly successful in teaching children collaboration, creative intuition, respective verbal communication and com-putative literature that may lead to many opportunities."

Cubbyhouse OOSH Lindfield

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