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Our Story



JC Ingenium Australian-owned family business. We are passionate about bringing play-based learning opportunities to parents & educators around Australia. Our story started in 2016, when we launched our first STEM product, Playmager Magnetic  Blocks®, with the intention of supporting early childhood and primary age educational centres with the benefits of open-ended toys.

Our aim at JC Ingenium is to provide quality STEM coding & building products, resources and educational materials. We endeavour to create innovative programs and incursions to complement the important work of teachers, parents and day-to-day caregivers. Our motto is "Learning through play" and this approach to learning in the early stages of life allows us to play a part in cultivating the educational foundation of the generations that will become the leaders of the future.


Mission and Purpose


We focus on pursuing and sharing different play-based approaches to early learning, we aim to provide transversal and appropriate teaching materials for all ages.


Each of our incursions and products provides infinite learning opportunities. Our programs have been rigorously designed to promote imagination and creativity, stimulate the brain and promote social and cognitive development. The resulting play-based learning opportunities invite participants to share and work as a team with participants of different ages.


We invite you to join the wonderful world of play-based learning and discover the innovative services and products we offer at JC Ingenium.

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