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Host: The school, child care, parent or event representative requesting our services.

Set out below are the terms and conditions between the event host and the JC Ingenium. These Terms apply to all workshops arranged or hosted by us. When registering to let us do the Workshop you agree to be bound by these Terms.

The aim of JC Ingenium is to provide children aged from 3 6 to six years enrolled in Education and Care Services across Australia (such as day care, pre-schools, kindergarten, outside of school hours care, vacation care, family day care, occasional care, etc.) with hands-on and age-appropriate educational experiences in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. JC Ingenium encourages play-based learning by offering a range of programs for children and professional development for educator.

Bookings Payment and Workshops

  1. To secure your place in a Workshop you must book through our online booking system or over the phone and pay the Workshop Fee (as set out in clause 2 below) in advance to us. We will then confirm your place in the Workshop once payment  has been received.

  2. Please refer to the maximum number of children we recommend per session/workshop. If your center has more children than the recommended, please let us know prior to the beginning of the incursion failure to do so we will incur the additional fee of $15 per child.

Cancellation Policy:

  1. Cancellations must be made no later than two weeks before the incursion date.

  2. Cancellations within two weeks of the incursion date will be charged at 50% of the incursion cost.

  3. Cancellations within 48 hours of the incursion date will be charged at 100% of the incursion cost. 

Intellectual property

  1. Ownership. The workshop pen-sum are intellectual property of JC Ingenium, you are not allowed to video record it; however, you are welcome to take photos of the interactions with the children and educators.

  2. You must not copy, alter, adapt or modify the Program Materials.

  3. You must not publish or distribute the Program Materials other than as expressly permitted under these Terms.

Discipline and Safety

  1. We will treat your child with kindness and respect when we visit your Centre. In return, we expect your child to listen to their educators or other responsible adults (including JC Ingenium staff) and follow simple instructions. We also expect them to treat their educators, other responsible adults and their peers with respect and kindness.

  2. If your child does not comply with these expectations, or is generally disruptive to the extent this affects their and the other children's ability to engage and enjoy, we reserve the right to remove them from the workshop. 

Photograph and Film Materials

  1. JC Ingenium may take photographs/video recordings of the class and its students and/or parents/guardians for educational, training and promotional purposes.

  2. If you wish for you or your child not to be featured in any educational, training and/or promotional materials, please send us an email at  or read our terms and conditions.

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