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Eduplay - our unique company approach


JC Ingenium is an Australian-owned business that takes pride in offering play-based learning opportunities to the education sector in an often challenging world of education. JC Ingenium was launched in 2018, providing STEAM programs and resources to early childhood and primary educational centres.


Over the years, JC Ingenium has developed well-structured educational programs that comprise high-quality resources, educational materials, and innovative incursions. These programs facilitate key STEAM learning outcomes. The company has gained the trust of over 500 educational centres, continuously benefiting from its programs and resources.

JC Ingenium’s Support   


JC Ingenium had the honour of partnering with Ardoch, which is a children's education charity focused on improving educational outcomes for children and young people in disadvantaged communities. They believe that every child’s potential should be realized through full participation in education. This belief inspires them to increase engagement in education, build aspirations and enhance the learning outcomes of children in disadvantaged communities.


JC Ingenium will support Ardoch by donating one Broadening Horizons (STEM) incursion every month and contributing 5% of sales from our Magblox and Magbrix range, which means every time you buy from us, or our stockist, you will be contributing towards this amazing cause and project.

We're so glad you're here! Thanks so much for checking us out.

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