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The Science Behind the Fun!

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Ever watched a child's eyes light up when two magnetic tiles snap together or when they repel each other with an invisible force? That's the magic of science in action, and it's right at the heart of every one of our educational incursions. But while children see it as fun, educators and parents recognize it as an opportunity – a chance to instil foundational scientific principles in an engaging, hands-on manner.

Magnetic Attraction and Repulsion

The principles of magnetism is at the core of Magblox's. Children quickly discern that certain edges of the tiles attract, while others repel. This play-based discovery introduces them to the fundamental concept of magnetics. Without diving into heavy terminology, they instinctively grasp that opposites attract and like poles repel. It's a firsthand experience of a scientific phenomenon, all under the guise of play.

Activities that Spark Curiosity to do at home!

1. One fascinating activity involves challenging children to build intricate patterns or structures without letting the tiles touch, relying solely on the repelling force. This can lead to a deeper discussion about magnetic fields and the invisible forces around us.

2. Creating a magnetic maze on a vertical surface, guiding a metal object through it using only the magnetic force from the tiles. This not only reinforces the concept of magnetism but also gravity, as they understand and predict how objects move in response to these forces.

How We Nurture Young Scientists

Our incursions are designed to take these playful interactions and mould them into structured learning experiences. We curate activities that not only entertain but educate. Children are encouraged to ask questions like "Why did that happen?" or "What if I do this?" – driving them to think like budding scientists. Our trained facilitators guide them through the process, ensuring that while they have fun, they also internalize the scientific principles at play.

Magnetic tiles facilitate experiential learning. Instead of passively receiving information, children are actively involved in the learning process. They experiment, observe, adjust, and deduce. This active engagement ensures a deeper understanding and retention of concepts.

Introducing science in such an interactive manner at a young age lays a strong foundation. Children develop a positive attitude towards the subject, viewing it not as a series of complex theories but as fascinating mysteries waiting to be unravelled.

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