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2D magnetic tile creations - play ideas

Magnetic tiles are a great toy and resource for children of all ages. Below we have listed a few 2D play ideas you can do with your kids at home or at school.

1. Bookish Story Play

Grab their favourite book and re-create their favourite characters with magnetic tile shapes, like Elmer the Elephant and Kevin the Koala.

You can find more bookish play templates here - templates include Hungry Caterpillar, Paddington Bear + many more

2. Vehicles

Cars, boats, farm croppers, trucks, buses..

Our favourite is this farm crop tractor, created by one of our creative customers.

3. Buildings

Dream house, story book castles, tall towers. 2D play does not limit creativity.

2D Castle - Instagram creator: @little.curious.creator

4. Mandalas

Creating mandalas promotes well-being at all ages. For children is an activity that helps develop hand-eye coordination, trains the mind to recognise shapes, develops creativity, stimulates the sense of patience and attention.

5. Animals

Birds, bugs, mammals, reptiles and more

Our favourite animal 2D creations include this pink flamingo and caterpillar

Magblox: Pink magnetic tile flamingo

Magnetic tile caterpillar Magblox activity book
Magblox Activity Book: Caterpillar

6. Tangrams

Tangrams help children develop spatial visualisation skills and introduce or reinforce geometric concepts.

For more building ideas kids can also use Magblox activity book ideal for children under 7yo, Magblox Challenge Cards and Mandala Art Cards

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Find your favourite magnetic tile set in the JC Ingenium or Magblox online store

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