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Top 5 benefits of playing with Magnetic Tiles

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Magnetic tiles support cognitive development and are a great open ended toy for children. In this post we will share the top 5 areas of development through the use of magnetic tiles.

1- Fine motor skills: when handling different pieces and blocks, it will favour hand-eye coordination and grip, strengthening the muscles of the hands and fingers. The development of fine motor skills will prepare your child for writing, since control of the small muscles of the hands and fingers is necessary for writing.

2- Mathematical skills: your child will learn mathematical concepts through a variety of magnetic block game and activities; i.e. counting, classify sizes, shapes and attributes, symmetry and balance. These concepts will be fundamental to develop their cognitive ability and mental agility.

3- Language development: through the game with magnetic tiles, your child will learn to identify the sizes, colours and shapes. If you encourage them to tell you what they are building, what colours they are grasping or what shapes are they using, you will help them build their vocabulary, thus stimulating early language development.

4.- Creativity and imagination: they are one of the toys that stimulate the most creativity and imagination. With them, children can build towers, castles, zoos, trains and many other things. Children re able to demonstrate their creativity and ideas while playing with magnetic blocks.

5 - Spatial vision and recognition of the environment: an interactive game with magnetic blocks will help your little one to enhance spatial thinking. According to a study conducted by Temple's Infant Lab and published in Mind, Brain and Education, parents who play interactively with their children and building blocks, use more words like "up", "down", "beside", "around" , "Through", "high" and "between", which helps children understand concepts of space and place, which is important for the development of perception and spatial skills.

Magnetic building tiles are a fundamental toy to motivate social, cognitive development, gross and fine motor skills among other skills. Thus, playing with your little one, helping them to build towers and castles, explaining and teaching them where each of the pieces go, you will be encouraging them to use their imagination and develop the fundamental motor and cognitive skills for their future development. While having fun playing together!

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