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Magnetic Building Tiles

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

There are so many toys out there available for purchase, that it can be hard to know what is going to be of real value for your kid, but something you need to know is a toy to make it into your top toys list it needs:

* be fun

* be educational

* be appealing

* be open-ended

* allow for creativity

* be able to be used for many years by multi-ages

Magblox ticks all these boxes and their aesthetic beauty combined with their ease of use and ability to allow for creativity, problem solving and imaginative play have firmly entrenched it as one of our favourite toys of all time. We love that they combine maths and science with creativity in such a durable, appealing and open-ended way.

As children get older, Magblox allow for wonderful imaginative play with more complex and interesting structures as well as allowing children to become critical thinkers as they problem solve while making constructions and consider various engineering and architectural concepts while building on math skills and a developing understanding of spacial relationships.

Whilst available in a number of different styles, we love the clear colors set best as it is spectacular with the light behind it and you can work light and shadowing into your designs.

What we love about Magblox is that it inspires all sorts of children's creativity and that we can so easily combine it with other favorite toys. Playing like this promotes a whole lot of imaginative play, storytelling, language development and more.

We're even able to use it on other magnetic surfaces like the fridge and for other purposes, such as literacy by making words, letters and practicing name recognition.

This amazing toy is a fun way to explore your kids' creativity; so If you don’t have these yet, I highly recommend buying a set of magnetic tiles for kids! Or putting a bug in Grandma’s ear for a birthday gift idea… They are not cheap, but I think they are very worth buying. They love playing, building, and learning with these things for hour after hour, day after day.

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