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Bonding Time

Children are certainly a reflection of what we teach them and as they grow they copy and mimic the teachings that we have given them. The time they spend with us or their educators creates experiences and this bonding time and period of learning is crucial to their development.

We have been lucky enough to see several aspects of development throughout the time we have worked with educational toys such as the magnetic tiles, one of them being the bonding experience the children have when you interact with them.

Bonding time is described as the time the family spends together meaningfully. This is a designated time your family plans to interact with each other over a group of activities or a major fun project. When you help the children build and encourage their creations you are contributing to stimulate the four factors which are: Visual thinking - Creativity/Imagination - Motor Skills and Concentration.

There was a particular time I remember when we did one of our workshops in a childcare and as usual we did carried out our presentation to the group of children, I noticed one of the children drifted away from the rest of the group, It was a special child and hence why he was not quite enthusiastic on the initial presentation of the tiles.

As the kids started playing with the tiles I grabbed a few squares and handed them to the child, I showed him how to make a cube and how to use the magnetic tiles to create other items. At first, he only wanted to stack the tiles on a pile but short time after we noticed that he actually wanted to build the cube once he got the hang of it. The educators were surprised to see the child so "concentrated" in the activity.

This particular experience, while it may not be your usual bonding time story and maybe it may not classify as such, gave us a great impression about how children may express that period of time you spend with them. For us it gave us an indication about the importance of quality time given to children and how it can improve their skills but also how our magnetic tiles could be used as a tool for closer interaction.

Bonging time is so important to them. How long do you send playing with your child/children everyday?

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