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5 Great ideas to use Magnetic Tiles and learn Math

We have already talked many times about the building blocks and the multiple utilities that we can give them in the learning of mathematics through manipulation across all educational stages.

But the activities to do are always endless and today we want to give to you 5 ideas to teach your children math . The ideas below have levels of difficulty as your child grows from child care teachings to primary school.

1. Create a number alphabet (3-5yo)

On a previous post, we release a series of templates so they children can forms letters and numbers. There are many attributes children can explore when making and complete the series, they include counting, color attribute, geometry and of course.

2. Stacking the numbers (3-5yo)

The activity consists of making towers with the blocks. You must make as many floors as the number indicates and put them in the appropriate box.

The activity is very simple, With it they will work the fine motor, counting and the relationship between quantity and graph.

3.- Challenge of addition and subtraction (5-6yo)

Once our child already knows how to count without problems, it is time to enter the addition and subtraction. To make it easier at the beginning, we can use the same tower he has made and start putting and taking pieces while we explain what he is doing. The best thing is that, instead of removing or putting a single piece, let's remove two or more at a time, so they will better assimilate what is addition and subtraction.

As an alternative, you can also separate the pieces to make it more visual and then show the a vertical and horizontal sequence for adding and subtracting.

4.- The fractions cake (5-6yo)

Important: fractions will be given at school much later, but this game serves to show them at early stage if we see that they are good with numbers. How do you play? Create a rectangular with 8 squares and go adding and removing portions, it is a perfect game to explain that you are removing a half, a third or a quarter of the cake.

5.- Multiplication and square root (7-8yo)

Finally, multiplications can be fun and colorful! You can sneak in some square root formulas so they can grasp the 2 teachings. Start by creating a simple 4 grid to explain multiplication and work your way up to shows the scale of multiplying.

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