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Magblox has published its first activity book! 
Created to introduce the wonderful world of geometrical shapes through age-appropriate challenging puzzles. The book encourages children to discover, learn and understand different shape attributes while using their magnetic tiles.

Learning about geometric shapes is the first step in the study of geometry and spatial reasoning, this occurs in the first years of schooling when children are in early childhood education.

The book has comprehensive, step-by-step scaffolding activities and puzzles. It has been beautifully illustrated with pages showcasing different characters and wildlife animals, promoting basic math concepts and spatial awareness. 
It provides a unique learning through play experience as Magblox shapes can be placed on top of the illustrations. Children will be able to recognise, reinforce, and accelerate their STEM learning.

Our new book is an excellent companion to your little one's learning journey of shapes and geometrical concepts.

Magblox's book comes inside of a 100% biodegradable bag. The material of this bag is pure natural green non-GMO corn starch PLA+PBAT. There is no "white pollution" in the production of this bag.


SKU: 9357280000048
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