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JC Ingenium also wants to celebrate your little one's birthday with you!!


The birthday child and her/his guests will enjoy 90 minutes of fun and immersive construction activities at the place of the event. YES!! We will travel to the location where the birthday party will be held. We will bring thousands of tiles and fun ideas for building.  Recommended for ages 3+.



90 minutes session

20 Participants Included

$15 per extra guest (max 30 guest per 1 host)

5-6 projects


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Our staff will bring thousands of magnetic blocks and provide 90 minutes of stimulating, creative and fun activities.


JC Ingenium encourages learning the fundamental concepts of engineering and mathematics. At the same time, children learn and explore the 3D versions created using the magnetic blocks, which provide them with a deeper understanding of space and volume.


During our session, children develop their team building skills by working towards the common goal of building a giant structure together. The creations will then be joined together to create one large final  project. At the end of the session, the children will help dismantle their constructions and tidy away the blocks.



Spacious indoor area or backyard with clean hard surface and good lighting. Please avoid areas exposed to direct sunlight.


No parks or open air areas accepted, as the magnets collect too much dirt and this means they will not hold the blocks together.


  • NO FOOD or DRINKS are allowed within the building space.

  • Children ages 0 to 5 are required to have a parent/guardian present at all times.

  • If your event requires us to extend our session, you will be charged $135 per 30 minute block of additional time.

  • We will treat your child and their guests with kindness and respect when we visit your home/venue. In return, we expect your child and their guests to listen to our staff or other responsible adults and follow simple instructions. We also expect them to treat their other visitors with respect and kindness. If your child does not comply with these expectations, or is generally disruptive to the extent that their behaviour affects their and the other children's ability to engage and enjoy, we reserve the right to remove them from the building space. 

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