JC Ingenium also want to celebrate your little's one birthday with you!!


The Birthday child and her/his guests will enjoy 2 hours of fun and immersive construction activities at the place of the event, YES!! we will travel to the location where the birthday party would be attended. We will bring thousands of tiles and fun ideas for building.  Recommended for ages 3+ 




15 Participants Included

$15 per extra guest (max 30 guest per 1 host)

3 projects




20 Participants Included

$15 per extra guest (max 30 guest per 1 host)

5-6 projects



Weekend Rental Only

(Pick up Friday night from 7PM onward and return Sunday before 6PM)

Drop off and Pick up service available

($60 Sydney Metro Area) 

FROM $299


Spacious indoors or backyard with clean hard surface and good lighting. Please avoid direct sunlight areas.


No parks or open air space area accepted as the magnets collect too much dirt.


We have 3 types of containers based on the number of children, each container is weighted and all the magnetic tiles are in good clean conditions to be used, we always check every tiles and eliminate any broken tile before the container is delivered.


the containers are 400, 600 or 1000 magnetic tiles with 10 different shapes each one, we recommend the of 600 pieces container that covers up to 20 children.

We request a deposit of $600  that will be return once we have received the container back in the same conditions and weight, after we checked the pieces are not broken we will proceed to return the money back to you. (the process takes up to 3 business days to reflect the money into your account)

If during the party some tiles got missed or broken (up to 10pcs)  we will take a 2% of the deposit, from 11 to 20 pcs %5 from your deposit, over 20 you will pay as a minimum set of $137 (which will be taken from the deposit)

The container must be returned on the day we scheduled, if for any reason you can not returned of the day please let us know, the is not additional fee for late return as long as you have notify it.  However the container can not be late delivery more than 3 days after the day scheduled, if so we will apply a %50 off from the deposit.

We can ship the container for an additional cost depending where you live, just let us know your area and we can organize the shipping for you.

Please make sure you return the magnetic tiles in the same conditions we give it to you. We know that children love to build at any time just make sure the children are hands free with no drinks or food and of course clean hands. 

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