CENTRE TYPE : Early Learning Centre

RECOMMENDED AGE GROUP: 3 to 5 years old



REQUIREMENTS: Tables and chairs

MATERIAL:  Magnetic tiles and magnetic board

PRICE:  $425

Mathematics looks at numbers and operations, measurement, patterns, geometry and spatial sense. From birth until age 5, children explore everyday mathematics naturally, through play. This includes gaining informal knowledge of “more” and “less”, shapes, size, sequencing, volume and distance. Math is a tool children use daily!

Advanced geometric concepts are introduced to encourage the build of more complex figures


What happens

during the incursion?

Our staff will bring hundreds of magnetic blocks and provide 60 minutes of stimulating, creative and fun activities.


After an introduction to all the basic shapes, children are guided to take part in a group activity where they are provided with a set of tiles to use to follow some of the challenger’s cards and then create a different structure.  Apart from fostering self-expression and being great fun, the workshop encourages learning the fundamental concepts of engineering and math.

JC Ingenium encourages learning the fundamental concepts of engineering and mathematics. At the same time, children learn and explore the 3D versions created using the magnetic blocks, which provide them with a deeper understanding of space and volume.

During our session, children develop their team building skills by working towards the common goal of building a giant structure together. The creations will then be joined together to create one large final project. At the end of the session, the children will help dismantle their constructions and tidy away the blocks.

JC Ingenium can cater to large groups of up to 35 children. However, if you have more than 35 children just give us the number of students and their age range and we will tailor a program that will match your needs!


The incursion is performed indoors and we also require a minimum of 6 tables on which to set up the activities and at least 3 educators from your centre to support the incursion. Our staff will guide them until the end of the workshop. 


Our set up does not take more than 10 minutes and we arrive at least 15 minutes earlier so the session can commence promptly.


 Children can

understand what

are polygons.

 Children can

construct new

geometrical shapes. 

Children can

collaborate as a team and giant structures.

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