RECOMMENDED AGE GROUP: 6 to 15 years old



REQUIREMENTS: Open space area 

MATERIAL: Magnetic tiles and Intelino 

PRICE:  $900

4week program.jpg

Our Vacation Care workshops are designed for K to Year 6 students during the holidays period only.

The STEM workshop offer a hands-on approach to get your students engaged in the learning process in a very unique way. STEM education teaches maths, geometry, expression, art, problem-solving and basics of coding. 


What happens

during the incursion?

Our staff will bring thousands of magnetic blocks and provide 60 minutes of stimulating, creative and fun activities.


JC Ingenium encourages learning the fundamental concepts of engineering and mathematics. At the same time, children learn and explore the 3D versions created using the magnetic blocks, which provide them with a deeper understanding of space and volume.


During our session, children develop their team building skills by working towards the common goal of building a giant structure together. The creations will then be joined together to create one large final project. At the end of the session, the children will help dismantle their constructions and tidy away the blocks.

JC Ingenium can cater to large groups of up to 50 children. However, if you have more than 50 children just give us the number of students and their age range and we will tailor a program that will match your needs!

For the number of children we need a large space like a school hall or gymnasium so that children can work confidently. We also require one large table to set up the magnetic tiles. We also require at least 3 educators from your centre to assist staff during the session (with guidance provided by our staff throughout). Our set up does not take more than 10 minutes and we arrive at least 15 minutes earlier so the session can commence promptly.


This program is a recreational and educational project, which aims to awaken in children an interest in architecture, the environment, the city and sustainable development. Children will spend  hours creating, dreaming, exploring, thinking, imagining and learning that building is more than just constructing a tower.

We provide 2 fun lessons:

​LESSON  1: Towers - Mandala art - Spirals and Building a City

LESSON 2: Train Station - Straight and Curve Bridges - Intelino (Coding with the smart train)


Investigate and learn to observe the environment from another perspective, through experimentation and exploration, helping to develop visual thinking.


Help towards creativity and fine motor skills by developing models and constructions, while favouring the development of memory and knowledge.

Develop the ability to use the action snaps to create commands on the track and the use of a friendly designed app to drive the train.

Respect the diversity of children, since the workshops are based on participation. The integration of differences between children is part of the workshops.


Learn and enjoy teamwork and collaboration, to promote mutual learning between participants and social values ​​such as: tolerance, responsibility, effort, overcoming and patience. In the same way they will discover their personal abilities and their development, individually.