Do you value the importance of play? Or are you unsure if play is ‘real’ learning? However you look at it, there is often a tension between play and learning.


Many people can be confused about whether or not play is a valuable way to learn. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re interested in finding ways to encourage kids to play and learn at the same time with Cubetto – a wooden robot who teaches children coding while they play. 


Children use the instruction blocks (forward, left, right and function) on the interface board to create a sequence. It introduces core programming concepts like debugging, the queue, recursions, and encouraging computational thinking. Programming skills and logic are developed in a way specifically tailored for early learning, making every play session with Cubetto a unique and memorable adventure.


Suitable for children aged 3+ years.


Cubetto is our ex demo set, we no longer carry or stock 


  • Cubetto is made up of 3 separate elements: a friendly wooden robot, a tangible interface board, and a 16 piece instructions block set that make up a programming language you can touch.

    The playset comes with a charmingly illustrated 1x1m world map and storybook. Cubetto and the Interface Board communicate wirelessly, and Cubetto is powered by 6 AA batteries.

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