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How to choose the best magnetic tile set

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How to choose the best magnetic tile set
How to choose the best magnetic tile set

Whether you are new to magnetic tile play or you are looking to extend your current set, selecting the right magnetic tiles can be quite confusing. As educators and incursion facilitators, we have a very clear guideline on the magnetic tiles that can be used at our educational workshops.

First and foremost we want to ensure that the magnetic tiles we use are safe, and don't limit the creativity and ingenuity of our workshop participants.

5 things to look out for when buying magnetic tiles

What to look out for and questions to ask...

  1. Magnet Strength & Safety Can I build tall and grand structures with these tiles? How will the magnets stay in place?

  2. Design How long will they last? Will the material deteriorate?

  3. Quality What type of plastic are the tiles made from? What's it carbon impact?

  4. Symmetry Do the tiles limit play and creativity? Will kids be able create a variety of shapes e.g. a dodecagon, 3D creations, etc.?

  5. Supporting Resources Can I find the helpful and educational resources to support my child's learning experience?

Magnetic tiles encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and additional build knowledge on basic mathematical and engineering concepts. Finding right set to support learning outcomes in a safe environment is essential.

So what do we recommend and use?

Magblox, a trusted brand used by Australian childcares and parents around the world. We use Magblox for all our educational incursions. The benefits of using a reputable brand for learning purposes ensures peace of mind and the right outcomes being achieved.


  1. Magnet Strength & Safety Magblox magnets are thicker to allow a stronger connection and they are encapsulated in a re-enforced case secured with silver rivets using an ultrasonic welding technology to prevent loose magnets

  2. Design They have an inset design that reduces significantly scratched surfaces. They come in translucent clear colours and durable shiny surface finish.

  3. Symmetry Build 2D & 3D creations with perfect symmetry. Magblox isosceles triangles create perfect circles/dodecagons - meaning that children are not limited while they are building & learning.

  4. Quality of Material Magblox magnetic tiles have been made with both recycled and new ABS plastic, a food grade non-toxic material which is BPA and phthalate free. To reduce their carbon footprint, Magblox uses a percentage of recycled ABS plastic to produce their tiles. (See Video above for more details)

  5. Supporting Resources They have some great educational and play resources. Including..

Visit the JC Ingenium OR Magblox online store to choose your magnetic tile set

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